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GTU - Release 1.0 - 7/21/2020

This release contains the geometry of configs 3, 5, 7, 16, 17, and 18. These models share a common wheel base of 3.27 m.

Files are divided into the lower (Exhaust and Engine, drive line, wheels) and upper (cab, box, frame) parts.

Because all of the released configurations are share a wheel base, the file "0-Truck,lower"can be matched with all the included upper bodies.

All geometries are in the 4x2 ride height configuration (FWLTG: 795 mm, RWLTG: 845 mm)

Configuration  (ANSA file)

0 - Truck, lower
1 - Truck, Short Cab, Short Box
2 - Truck, Short Cab, Medium Box
3 - Truck, Short Cab, Long Box
4 - Truck, Medium Cab, Short Box
5 - Truck, Medium Cab, Medium box
6 - Truck, Medium Cab, Long Box
7 - Truck, Long Cab, Short Box
8 - Truck, Long Cab, Medium box
9 - Truck, Long Cab, Long Box
10 - SUV, Short Cab, 50 degree backlight
11 - SUV, Short Cab, 60 degree backlight
12 - SUV, Short Cab, 70 degree backlight
13 - SUV, Medium Cab, 50 degree backlight
14 - SUV, Medium Cab, 60 degree backlight
15 - SUV, Medium Cab, 70 degree backlight
16 - SUV, Long Cab, 50 degree backlight
17 - SUV, Long Cab, 60 degree backlight
18 - SUV, Long Cab, 70 degree backlight


Questions or Comments, please contact the following persons

Paul Norman (pnorman8(at)
Sudesh Woodiga (swoodiga(at)
Kevin Howard (khowar59(at)
Burkhard Hupertz (bhupertz(at)

[1] Woodiga, S., Howard, K., Norman, P., Lewington, N., Carstairs, R., Hupertz, B., & Chalupa, K. (2020). The GTU: A New Realistic Generic Pickup Truck and SUV Model

(No. 2020-01-0664). SAE Technical Paper.

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