European Car Aerodynamic
Research Association
A Forum for Technology Progress
In Ground Vehicle Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics


2023 - Dr. Dipesh Patel
„ The Aerodynamic Interaction Between Inverted Multi-Element Wings and Rotating Wheels in Ground Effect “

2022 - Dr. Magnus Urquhart   
"Vehicle wakes in side wind"

2021 - Dr. Graham Hodgson
"Experimental Investigations of Automotive Surface Contamination"

2020 - Dr. C. Collin
"Interference effects in automotive open jet wind tunnels"

2019 - Dr. G. Pavia
"Characterisation of the unsteady wake of a sqare back road vehicle"

2017 - Dr. A.K. Perry
"An investigation into the base pressure of simplified automotive squareback geometries

2016 - Dr. Dr. B. Schnepf  
"Investigation of numerical and experimental factors for the flow around passanger car wheels"

2013 - Dr. N. Oettle
"The effect of unsteady on-road flow conditions on cabin noise"

2011 - Dr. T. Schütz

2004 - Dr. A. Wagner
„A Method to Predict and Evaluate the Driver’s Response under Side Wind Conditions“

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